Here are a select few demo videos of projects I have built. Please feel free to view the source code to the project on my GitHub, via the link in the subtitle.
scott vojik Mstripe



BookMaps is a peer-to-peer library application that enables people to loan their collection of books, or rent books from nearby users. BookMaps was built using technologies such as React/Redux, NodeJS, Express, PostgresSQL, OAuth and more. Our team utilized third party APIs such as Goodreads, Google Maps, Stripe, Twilio, and Sendgrid to construct a robust user experience. Created for my Lambda School Capstone Project, along with Henry Neal, Jacob Layton, Blake Fletcher, and David Flack. Click here to visit and use the website. View the code here.

NiftyMarkets - NodeJS/SQL Backend

NiftyMarkets is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell virtual/digital assets. This project was built from scratch in a week for Lambda School’s Build Week. As the sole backend architect, I built out our entire NodeJS backend, deployed a RESTful API utilizing all four “CRUD” operations, and created an SQL database with normalized data. I used technologies such as Knex, SQLite, Express, Json Web Tokens, BcryptJS, and Supertest among others. The front-end React/Redux application was created by Pavol Karas and Delba de Oliveira, and the UI was designed by Austin Powell. View the code here.

TipsEase - React/Redux Front-End Application

TipsEase is a mock company that allows patrons to tip staff members directly without an intemediary. This project was built in four days for Lambda School's Build Week. As the front end architect, I built the React/Redux application from scratch, while collaborating with the back-end team to successfully render the project. View the code here.

Instagram Clone

This is a clone of Instagram made from scratch using React, made for a Lambda School project. View the code here.